Nina Ndubuisi

Nina is a British born Nigerian, who spent most of her formative years in Nigeria. Nina accidentally started writing after starting a blog on a ‘social networking site’. Her ‘write ups’ generated alot of interest and she was encouraged by her friends to consider” turning it into a book and get it published, hence the birth of NEW YEAR’S DAY.

Nina is a qualified Nurse and midwife but now works full time with community support, supporting people with learning disabilities and Mental health issues to enable them access and engage socially with their community ensuring they live a full and active life.

She is currently living in Belvedere Kent United Kingdom with her husband and three daughters. In her spare time Nina loves to travel and host dinner parties. Nina hopes you will enjoy reading this book as much as she has enjoyed writing it. This is her first book and she will continue to write more books in the future. Visit her website for more info.