Book publishing offers for Lara Daniels, Kiru Taye and Ola Awonubi

August 5, 2011 was an exciting day in the RWOWA community. Three of our authors – Lara Daniels, Kiru Taye and Ola Awonubi,  recieved offers to publish their romance novels by a growing romance Publisher in West Africa.  The news comes only days after Kiru Taye recieved an offer to publish her historical novella by Breathless Press.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on publication dates and publishers’ names and hope that you’ll keep supporting, not only our authors but our west african romance publishers.

Once again, we all at RWOWA are excited for our authors  and glad to see that the African romance genre is quickly taking root. We can safely predict that African romance can only  become more popular, not only in West Africa but all over the world as readers come to know more about the richness of the African romance experience.