Excerpt from Stormy Affair by Netty Ejike

Chapter One


It was a sun-kissed afternoon in mid May; the kind of weather visitors love. Haulover Beach Park, one of South Florida’s most beautiful beaches, was flooded with people; men and women, old and young, not counting the children. Clad in scanty bikinis that hid little or nothing from the views of onlookers, the females sauntered about the whole place, while some sunbathed topless. At the far north of the park was the naturist beach for those who wanted to swim or sunbathe nude.

Beyond the beaches the expanse of the blue water was breathtaking, and the surf kicked up, white and frothy.

Two lovely young girls sitting under one of the various shaded picnic facilities were people-watching. Amanda Cane, a petite blue-eyed blonde from Philadelphia, had long promised herself a whole day at Haulover beach. She was merely fulfilling that pledge.

Sophie Warren, a slim, tall brunette, just happened to run into her and, being of similar age range, the two girls got talking. They also discovered they were in the same college—University of Miami—and shared the same interest in music and movies.

They were chatting about someone they saw a while ago—a Hollywood star in a bikini showing off her amazing shape, when a tall, beautiful girl in her twenties walked past.

“That’s Brooke Wilde,” Sophie murmured.

“Who’s she?” Amanda asked, her eyes following the girl who walked like a model.

“She’s Miles Sanderson’s lover—one of the most influential men in this city,” Sophie replied. “I wonder why she’s alone,” she added, narrowing her eyes. “She’s hardly seen without him.”

Suddenly, they saw a man walk toward her from the opposite side.

“I should’ve known he’ll be lurking around somewhere,” Sophie concluded, with something akin to envy in her voice.

“They make a beautiful couple,” Amanda whispered, unable to tear her eyes away from the tall couple.

“The tabloids called them the ‘Stunning Couple’. Miles Sanderson is news wherever he goes. And he’s often in the limelight.”

“Are wedding bells ringing?” Amanda asked wistfully.

“Not that I know of,” Sophie replied, watching the couple share a lingering kiss. One would think they hadn’t seen each other in a couple of days.

“They’re in love,” Amanda remarked, quivering as a tremor went through her as she saw the couple change direction and walk toward them.

“Lust and love,” Sophie commented wryly, “what’s the difference?”

“There is a difference,” her friend said with emphasis, watching the couple’s approach, their eyes hidden behind sunglasses so it was difficult to see their expressions, but Amanda had a hunch they were in love. Maybe it was the way he circled his hand round her waist, or the way they walked in such unison. She appreciated seeing such people. It was something she hadn’t seen much in her nineteen years of growing up. There was no love lost between her parents.

She shrugged, shifting her thoughts back to the couple who had stopped to look northward toward the sea, probably wondering if they should swim or surf. They were both casually dressed in shorts and T-shirts, which seemed a bit too much for such a popular clothing-optional beach. The man’s strong and hairy legs contrasted sharply with the girl’s equally long but smooth legs.

Amanda thought he was some four or five inches taller than his girlfriend, who was probably five feet ten. Her eyes went to his dark hair which was stylishly overgrown before moving to the girl’s riot of honey-gold curls which cascaded way down her back, worn in Jennifer Aniston’s oval face hair style. The hair seemed to have defied even the best hair-stylist’s professional tips in curbing its wildness.

Was she as wild as her name remotely suggested? Amanda wondered. Brooke didn’t look it. Her heart-shaped face spoke of mildness, but did a gentle girl like her have what was needed to stand up to the man whose strong, handsome face seemed to radiate such great passion?

Amanda couldn’t help wondering what they were like in bed. Was it a case of docility or rather the opposite? Her face flushed at her line of thought.

“You seem to have developed a crush on our guy here,” Sophie observed, her hazel eyes pinned on the blonde. She shook her head. “I must warn you that you’re heading for a fatal heartbreak. Miles has no eyes for anyone else.”




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