Make a Christmas Wish

Christmas-Wishes-buttonHello, friends of RWoWA. Welcome to the Christmas Wishes Giveaway Hop hosted by Book & Trailer Showcase running from December 7 to 13. We have a few goodies for you here at RWoWA that we hope will fulfil your Christmas wishes. You also have the chance to win a GRAND PRIZE  of a Nook Glow and Kindle Touch 3G.

Here are what we have on offer and how to win them:

First Prize: A $10 AMAZON GIFT CARD offered by romance author, Kiru Taye. Check out her latest contemporary holiday romance, ISLAND BOUND out this December.

Island-Bound200x300Marriage has stripped their relationship of its thin, rose-tinted coating, and bared their monochromatic existence for what it was. Will Joshua and Christy get a second chance this holiday season?

When Christy Inemi-Spiff discovers that the man she vowed to love and honor has no such feelings for her, she is determined to cut her losses and move on with her life. A quick, quiet divorce is all she wishes for Christmas.

However, Joshua has other ideas. He’s not ready to walk away yet, especially when he doesn’t understand why Christy wants out of their marriage. So he demands she agree to spend a quiet Christmas on a remote African Island with him, hoping they can salvage their relationship. If she still wants a divorce after these two weeks, he will let her go. But not before he’s had his fill of her.

But with the sparking tension between them, and the secrets behind the disintegration of their marriage threatening to explode, will either of them get their wish? Or will this season of good will show them what really lies at the bottom of their hearts?

Click to read an excerpt here.

ALR NewAREThe second prize is an eBook of A LOVE REKINDLED by Myne Whitman.

When Efe Sagay receives a transfer to the branch of a prestigious hotel chain in the Nigerian capital, she accepts it, happy to return home to family after years in the United States. Also, Nigeria is a big place, right? There should be nothing about her new city, Abuja, to remind her of the heartbreak of her relationship with ex-fiancé, Kevwe Mukoro.

Click to see more details here.

The third prize is an eBook of HIS SIN by Netty Ejike.

His Sin New CoverThere comes a time in a man’s life when he is filled with regret for something he did in the past.
Brad Coaster, a powerful magnate, humbled by his sin, had been trying to make amends for six years, when, on the night of his engagement party to Alyssa, he came face to face with Storm Garland, the woman from his past.
Torn between his different feelings for the two women in his life, he knew he had a tough decision to make.
To break up with his fiancée and risk the scandal it would cause. Or to confess his sin and lose the love of his life.
The fourth prize an eBook of Sparkling Dawn by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku
Sparkling_Dawn_CoverImageIt was all a secret and tender crush, that deepened into a severe ache and longing, that eventually evolved into a catastrophic incident. Chloe believed she’d been set up. To preserve family ties, she kept the humiliating episode quiet.

As a successful New York lawyer, Warren’s criteria for a wife is simple. An available woman. Will his co-habiting plans with Chloe be his nemesis?

Click here to find out more.

RafflecopterFor a chance to win these lovely goodies, complete the a Rafflecopter giveaway or go to the Facebook page to complete the entries. Leave a comment sharing your Christmas wish.
Winners will be chosen on December 14, 2012.
Remember to check out the other giveaway stops on this hop by going back to the Book & Trailer Showcase page.

20 thoughts on “Make a Christmas Wish

  1. For my Christmas wish I really want Santa to bring me books, amazon cards(so I can buy books and a new digital camera. And cause I have been really naughty he might leave a sexy Alpha male to help me behave next year! LOL

    Thanks for the giveaway and the awesome excerpt!!



  2. My wish is personal strength and confidence for me to fix my life.

    Wait, that seems more serious than I thought! Oh well, happy holidays!



  3. My Christmas wish is that my husband, who has been working overseas, will get a job in the US soon!
    Thanks for the great giveaway and happy holidays!
    kacidesigns AT yahoo DOT com


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