Day 2 #14DaysofRomance Bewitching Corals/Surprise Package @NettyEjike

Bewitching Corals by Netty Ejike

Genre: Erotica

Bewitching CoralsBlurb:

Finding love in the most bizarre place.
While indulging in his favorite pastime, handsome, rich Paul Logan landed in an unknown island populated by strange people. When he was offered a girl for the day, as was the islanders’ weird tradition, the last thing on his mind was pleasure, especially when he was selective when it came to women. 
Now, not only was he stunned by his attraction for the girl, he wanted more than a day with her, even if it meant doing things he’d never done before and making promises that would be too hard to keep…


She had big nipples. That was the first thing that drew him to her. Lush big brown nipples in young, beautifully formed breasts. He longed to taste and suckle them, to know if they were as heavenly as he thought.

Hell, Paul Logan thought, already having a hard-on. He dragged his emerald-green eyes from the girl’s breasts and focused them on her face, thinking he had to be crazy to have developed this sudden attraction to her. She was young, maybe twenty-one or eighteen, he wasn’t sure, tall, slim and beautiful, with thick, long braids that fell to her waist. Big black bedroom eyes in an oval ebony face stared at him steadily. With a beautiful straight nose that had a small mole at the tip, sensuous lips that were made for kissing, and a determined chin that was an indication of stubbornness, she was very close to perfection.

And she was all his.

Of course Paul had no intention of doing anything as barbaric as taking her against her will. His suddenly rampant libido just had to do without being satiated. He was in a strange island and should be seeking a way out instead of lusting after a helpless young girl, who was the victim of an abhorrent tradition.

Where to Buy: Amazon US, Amazon UK

Surprise Package (Book 1, Torn Apart series) by Netty Ejike

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Short Story

Surprise packageBlurb:

They met, they fell in love, they married; but it was a mistake right from the beginning.
Thakalani Zubir found himself at crossroads when his boss made a demand he found hard to meet. He was just on the verge of making his decision when he met Kagiso, a girl that compounded his problems…


‘I’ll do whatever you want, Thabo. Just spare the young man. He just got married and he needs the job. I’m sure this will not happen again.’

They were inside the CEO’s office on the first floor of the head office of Vacuz Motors, Durban, after the midday inspection of the recently assembled SUVs.

Thabo Von looked at the younger man who was more like a son to him than an employee. He pursed his fat lips and then raised one bushy brow that had gone grey. ‘Whatever?’

Thakalani Zubir’s black eyes narrowed as he caught the gleam in his boss’s eyes. He guessed at once that the old man was up to something. But it was already too late to take back his words. He slowly nodded. ‘Whatever.’

‘Good.’ Thabo clapped his hands gleefully. ‘Just as well because I have a pressing need. The only thing you can do for me is marry…Chanel.’

Thakalani froze. ‘What?

‘You heard me right,’ Thabo said calmly. ‘Marry my daughter.’

Dazed, Thakalani gazed at his boss as though he had lost his senses. ‘Do you know what you are saying?’

‘Of course.’ Thabo, at five feet seven, though shorter by five inches, was not a bit intimidated by the younger man’s height. He stepped around Thakalani and went to sit behind his massive mahogany desk, his strides slower than usual.

‘This is way too serious a thing for me to do,’ Thakalani argued, running a hand through black, tightly-curled short hair, surprised with himself for even considering the ridiculous proposal.

‘You said whatever,’ Thabo reminded.

‘I know, but…’

Where to buy: Amazon US, Amazon UK

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