Day 4 #14DaysofRomance The Gardener’s Ice Maiden @StellaEA

The Gardener’s Ice Maiden by Stella Eronmosere-Ajanaku

Genre: Contemporary romance, Interracial


Will The Ice Queen Thaw?
When a single mum and brilliant dental consultant Olivia Gleave woke up to the reality that she was entangled in her gardener’s snare, she found it laughable. But when she found out too late that he was an ex-convict and an ex-gang member, it was a confirmation that their paths could never lead anywhere into the future…

His Pride Was At Stake
What the arrogant gardener wanted, he pursued vigorously. Oliver Gbadeyan Pedro set his eyes on the well-bred, blue-blooded, Ice Queen of the prominent Gleave’s family Manor. In his bid to get her, he paid a huge price… 

His sacrifice comes back to haunt him in the way he least expects. Will his search for the woman who is completely out of his financial, social and moral status be a total waste of time? Or do they have more in common than they both realize?
Come on board for this emotionally relaxing experience…


For two long minutes, Oliver stood rooted to the spot. When he circled on his heel, his dark eyes captured her one vulnerable moment. She seemed lost for a split second.

   Just as he approached, her hard mask began to slide back in place. ‘Here’s your job description. How soon can you start?’ she asked formally.

   ‘Give me a week to pack up and move in.’ He retorted speedily.

   ‘A week? I can’t afford to wait for a week,’ she stated in horror as her face contorted in disappointment.                                       

   ‘When would you rather I move in?’

   ‘You gave me the impression you were very enthusiastic about the job. Can you start immediately?’ she asked as anxiety crept into her well modulated voice.

   ‘As in drop everything…?’ he asked pointedly. He opted to save her the agony of having to plead. After all, he wanted the job for keeps…long term was an apt description.

   Catapulting from his lofty height of near joblessness, he accepted her offer graciously. ‘Thank you, Olivia. You’ll not regret your decision.’ He assured her in a winning accent.

   ‘Your job is limited to taking care of the external grounds.  Welcome to my home.’

   He nodded slowly. Victory was indeed very sweet. She gave him the two page paper that was his job description. Quickly scanning the typed set paper, he saw that it was a detailed how to do list. Was he supposed to use his initiative at all, he wondered. ‘I’ll be here in two days time.’ He promised.

   Her relief was palpable. She let out a huge sigh. ‘Thank you.’ She said honestly.

   He found himself asking her what was on his mind. ‘Are you in some difficulty?’

   Going to sit on her chair, she looked ready to explode with whatever was hanging over her head, but she decided against opening up at the last minute.

   Shaking her head, she told him what he didn’t want to hear. ‘Our relationship is restricted to…’

   ‘Yes, I understand. Your word is my command. My job is restrained to gardening and it doesn’t extend to asking you personal questions.’ He interrupted her little, tidy speech.

   ‘Do you want to show me around my area of control?’ he asked sarcastically.

   The dig didn’t escape her. Standing up unhurriedly, she felt powerless. Olivia secretly hoped she wasn’t guilty of poor judgment by offering this confidently attractive man the running of her home.

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 Paperback Edition
Sparkling Dawn by Stella Eronmosere-Ajanaku
Genre: Contemporary romance
A passive girl turned into a sexy tigress?

It was all a secret and tender crush…that deepened into a severe ache and longing…which eventually evolved into a catastrophic incident. Never again would she trudge that route.
Chloe believed she’d been setup…made a ridicule of and abandoned. To preserve family ties, she’d kept the humiliating episode and her subsequent actions from everyone… That was years ago.
Now, hot and sweltering freelance fashion journalist, Chloe Anderson planned on living her jet-set life to the full. Having exhausted her emotion on a fourteen-year wait for Warren, she plunged herself into globe-trotting across the continent.

His unstable choice…

His mother is an adulteress! After the disappointing near break-up of Warren’s parents’ marriage that he duly blamed on her high mobility journalist job, Warren swore not to give his heart so easily to any woman. As a successful, high profile, New York lawyer, his criteria for a wife is simple. An available woman with a stable career, perhaps a teacher will meet his needs.

When he insisted on co-habiting with Chloe, she was delighted at being handed her payback opportunity. Is there a way out of the swamp she’d sunk into?

A wild & windy expressive saga, laced with mind-boggling intrigues…

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