Day 11 #14DaysofRomance New Year’s Day/The Prodigal Daughter @NinaNdubuisi @nmukoso

The Prodigal Daughter by @ Patricia Enyi

Genre: YA romantic fiction


Loyce is as beautiful as she is intelligent. Like the girls in her close-knit group, she looks forward to college, marriage and a family of her own. When Loyce’s friends arrange a surprise party for her, it has a life changing consequences. The plan is for her to lose her virginity with Quintin, a charming young man who is also the local heartbreaker. Loyce and Quintin fall in love, but their joy quickly turn to sorrow when Loyce’s parents renounce her wishes to marry a non-Catholic. In her time of desolation, Loyce turns away from God and the faith that has always sustained her. Will Loyce ever find her way back to God and true love?

Where to buy: Amazon

New Year’s Day by Nina Ndubuisi

Genre: Erotic fiction


Unknown to Nicholas his wife of eleven years has been having an affair with their Pastor who also happens to be his cousin although his wife is unaware of their ‘blood ties’ On New Year’s Day after accidentally knocking over his wife’s handbag, Nicholas finds ‘a note’ that sets off a chain of events. Secrets, sex, betrayal and revelations abound in this hot and erotic story.

Where to buy: Amazon

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