Sex and the African Reader by Nana Prah #romance #Africa #Giveaway

Today Ghanaian romance author Nana Prah presents a hot topic.  

With a population of over a billion people, we know for a fact that Africans engage in sexual intercourse, otherwise the continent would have shriveled up from a decline in babies. While having sex is one thing, talking about it is quite another.  Conversing about sex is not a common experience, at least not in my country of Ghana. For me this leads to problems, such as teenage pregnancy, which can be avoided with open and honest communication.

When I initially decided to write romance novels I chose the sweet category. I couldn’t imagine having a conversation with one of my uncles after they read a spicy sex scene  I wrote.  Talk about embarrassing. I also feared that the book would be rejected or even banned by the readers of Ghana due to its sexual content. My first two novels, Love Through Time and Midwife to Destiny are both sweet. The second one in my Destiny series, Destiny Mine, which will be released this year under the Ubuntu line by Decadent Publishing is spicy hot. Nowhere near erotic romance by any stretch of the imagination, but I did put a sex scene in there.

What propelled me to go from sweet to spicy? Reading works by other African writers such as Empi Baryeh, Kiru Taye, Nnenna Emm, Nana Malone and Zee Monondee . They write sex scenes and no one has banned them from calling themselves Africans, so why can’t I? Am I worried about what my family will say? Not anymore. I must go where the characters lead me.

What do you think about sex scenes in romance novels? Here’s a little bit more about my latest release, Midwife to Destiny.

Midwife To Destinyhigh-res

Blurb Ghanaian nurse Aurora ‘Ora’ Aikins never expected to find the love of her life while on vacation in South Africa. Engaged to another and believing that love has no place in her life, she returns to Ghana, and puts duty and honor first.

Three years later, Dr. Jason Lartey still can’t get Ora out of his mind or his heart. After learning she never married, he takes a risk and moves to Ghana hoping to rekindle what they started. His sudden appearance in Ora’s Emergency Department sends sparks flying all over again.

They’re in the same country, working in the same hospital, and together but distance creeps between them. Can they make their destined love one for the ages?





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About the Author: Nana Prah was born in Ghana, West Africa, raised in the US and currently resides in Ghana where she loves her job as a writer and nurse educator. She has been writing since she can remember (in her journal) and has been an avid reader of romance novels since the eighth grade. She has finally been able to utilize the years and years of inadvertent research into writing her own romance novels where love always conquers all.

Contact Details: Blog : Twitter: @NanaPrah Facebook: Nana Prah, Author

Nana is giving away a $20 Amazon gift card. Click here to get to the Rafflecopter.

Enjoy the following excerpt for Midwife to Destiny:  Ora focused on putting one foot in front of the other as if she were a one-year-old learning how to walk. After turning the corner and seeing the back of his head, she froze. She would know that head anywhere. He’d grown his hair out a little, but his adorable, Will Smith ears gave him away. Initiating the process of pivoting and sprinting out of the ED unnoticed sprang to mind when he turned around and his gaze caught hers.

The air became charged with tension and neither of them moved. Her heart threatened to pop out of her chest with the force of each beat. The nurses stood between them, looking back and forth as if they watched a tennis match. They didn’t bother to hide their expressions of curiosity.

They’d never seen Ora behave in such a manner. Not cool as a cucumber super nurse. Like herself, they kept looking at the new doctor just because of his tall, broad-shouldered, gorgeous stature. The past three years had matured him, adding a few lines around his eyes and the new feature of a goatee with a moustache changed his countenance a little. But otherwise, the same man she’d met three years ago, at least in the physical sense, stood before her.

After an eternity, Ora snapped back to attention. “Akwaaba, Dr. Lartey. Welcome to the ward.” Madam Professional stuck out her hand for a handshake.

Her words seemed to drag him out of his own stupor.“Uh….”

She had rendered the man speechless. Ora’s gracious nature—that’s what she blamed it on, anyway—took pity on him and she touched his shoulder. The contact sent sensual awareness through her and she recoiled her hand.

“Hello, Aurora. Please forgive me. It’s just that I’m a little surprised to see you.”

“Not as much as I am,” she muttered, attempting to squash both the joy bubbling up inside of her at seeing him again and the overwhelming sadness of what she’d been missing for so long.

“Pardon me?” he asked.

“I didn’t expect to see you here. It’s a surprise to me, too.” She tried to smile, but it came out contorted, as if she’d been able to have a painful, rocky bowel movement after being constipated for seven days.


7 thoughts on “Sex and the African Reader by Nana Prah #romance #Africa #Giveaway

  1. Nana is right, you know. It took a long while for me to realise that Ghana is ripe for spicy and even hot sex scenes. Empi’s novels set the tones and I am sure others too that I have not yet read. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Destiny Mine, Nana.

    Congratulations on the release of Midwife to Destiny!


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