Are You Out of Control When Nobody is Watching?

Today, Nigerian romance author, Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku shares tips on how to stay in control of our lives. She’s giving away a $15 Amazon gift card so make sure to enter.

We’ve all done something wrong when no one is watching. I have, and you have too. We all have!

When you’re in the public eye or in front of others, you’re more likely to be on your best behaviour. The story is entirely different once the light is off or when you know no one is keeping watch.

In a relationship, when your spouse is around, you completely cut out all inappropriate flirty activities with other men or women. Once you go on holiday alone or you’re on a business trip, you’re more likely to let go…because you’re more vulnerable. Meeting an unknown woman or man at a bar for a drink, dancing closely, kissing under the stars, swimming late at night and having a quickie affair may feature on your secret to-do list.

For many who work from home, or in the absence of their partner, they may engage in online chat rooms and become entangled in an emotional relationship with another. A husband can quietly struggle with Internet pornography at work or at home. I recently heard that some married women go around with condoms in their handbag! Is this true? Do people not know that we’ll account for everything done with our bodies?

The sense that nobody’s watching lures many into temptation they would otherwise have control over in observed life. Here are a few tips to help you stay ‘clean’.


The truth is, even if no human is watching, God is watching your every act. Sounds scary? Turn from doing things that you know are wrong and can only bring you and others pain. If you’re struggling, pray.


Turn to those who can help you overcome your weakness. If you’re involved in an internet affair, avoid logging into chat rooms. When your friends invite you for a drink and you know there are going to be hot girls on standby as part of the fun, decline the invitation. Keep away from temptation!


Avoid situations that afford you too much privacy to engage in reckless behaviour. You’re created to live in relationship with others, the more truthful and open you are, the less likely you are to get out of control.


I saw a poster on Facebook. The words touched me. It read:  ‘Many are happy with less than what you have’. I love it. So when you want to go off cheating on your husband or wife in any way, remember someone else will joyfully settle for less than what you’ve got.


Be grateful and thankful for what you’ve got – husband or wife, children, family etc.

For more on improving your relationship with others and God, read UCB – THE WORD FOR TODAY.

Flirty & Feisty Romance wishes you a romance filled relationship.

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One broken heart. Two grieving minds.

Holiday Series, book 1 – Two hearts…One Love.

To Lorna Ibe, Departmental Manager with one of London’s multi-channel
retailers, Valentine’s Day lost its romantic flavour years ago. An
unplanned holiday to New Jersey is her perfect getaway from the stress
and emotional turmoil locked in her heart, just what she needs to take
her mind off her troubles. That’s until she runs into Logan.

Magazine publisher, Logan Blake has had his fair share of stress in
the past few years. When his sister asks him to drop off old clothes
to charity, he has a minor accident in front of the charity shop where
Lorna volunteers. When he sets eyes on her bare midriff as she wipes
the display window, he clears his busy schedule to volunteer his time.
Two burdened hearts afraid to get entwined. One Stolen Valentine Kiss.
Will Valentine season bring them romance or will their fears keep them

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Her heart pounded in her ears and her throat ran out of saliva. His now deepening blue eyes slowly raked her from her upturned bouncy hair with a few tendrils sashaying round her neck to her red, A-line
halter, Rhinestone, sleeveless, mini chiffon cocktail dress. Her silver sandal dolled up feet swayed precariously as both hands clutched her purse in steel like grip behind her back.

Clearing his throat, Logan pulled the lapels of his jacket. Is he nervous too? She held her breath. ”I’m speechless, Lorna.” He blinked rapidly. Her chest soared, her eyes held his for a long moment. ”You’re devastatingly beautiful! That red dress is superbly hot. You’re a breath of fresh air in Jersey City,” his voice caught. Her heart danced and wheeled. Taking in deep breaths, she swallowed. ”Thank you, Logan. Glad you like the look. I must say you look gorgeous in black.” Talk less, listen more. Her aunt’s word floated in her ears.

Rubbing his palms together, Logan’s eyes returned to her long legs. She walked towards him, careful not to topple over in her four inch pencil heel. Of course, she can walk in the accessorized high shoes.
It is his gaze…which sends her feet in different directions, lighting up the ashes in her heart.

Author Bio
I am Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku, a fun loving mother of two, married to my very own gorgeous alpha 
male who keeps my romantic wheel constantly oiled. Writing romance novels is an exciting adventure. In 2010, I created Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels. There are six contemporary romance novels in the kitty, varying from sweet & sensual to spicy hot & steamy - LOITERING SHADOWS, STORMY DEFENSE, BEYOND the LADY, THEGARDNER'S ICE MAIDEN, SPARKLING DAWN and HUSBAND to RENT. STOLEN VALENTINE KISS is myfirst series and my first Novella.

On my writing desk at the moment, my first historical romance, a trilogy is taking shape. A dauntingchallenge I must confess, but I love the characters and their journey so far. In my leisure time, I go swimming, read romance novels, go to Cinema, and watch TV.

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9 thoughts on “Are You Out of Control When Nobody is Watching?

  1. Very thought provoking, Stella. In the name of a little excitement and ‘being human’ we tend to let our guards down and allow things to happen that shouldn’t. Great tips.
    Interesting excerpt too.


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