How not to write a sex scene-Tip #1 by Kiru Taye

Today we’d like to welcome the romance queen of West Africa, Kiru Taye. She has something spicy for us today so if you’re shy when it comes to talking about scenes, then get over it quickly.

Hello readers. The other day, I read Nana Prah’s post about wanting to include sex scenes in her upcoming romance novels and it reminded me about a book I read a little while ago.

The book was a romance novel (I won’t name it or the author) and the author is someone I had read before, so I was looking forward to reading her again.

As you know I enjoy romance novels which include sex scenes. Whether they are sensual descriptions or more explicit ones, mainstream or erotic, I don’t mind. What I read depends on my mood.

The book started off very well. As it progressed, the sexual tension between the main characters heightened with each scene. So knowing that the culmination of all this tension was coming up, I got excited.

Only to be disappointed and have the door slammed in my face.

Yes, you got that right. The all important first love scene between the characters and all we get is “and they made love.”

Seriously? After, I’ve waded through 60 pages of heart-thumping sexual tension only for such an anti-climactic outcome, I felt like chucking my phone at the wall. Well if it had been a paperback, I would have.

Seriously. Not on. At all.

So lesson number 1 for anyone starting out and thinking of including sex scenes in their books. Do not be a prick tease. Yes, I said it.

You either write it fully or you exclude it all together.

Don’t tease the reader by getting the characters frisky and practically through fore-play and then chickening out by slamming the door on the actual consummation.

Well, that’s my opinion, if you want me to ever read any more of your books.

A love scene doesn’t have to be ten pages long or even that explicit. Here’s a short example of a shower scene from An Engagement Challenge by Kiru Taye.

“Can I join you?” Ijay’s sultry voice roused him.

He turned to find her standing outside the shower cubicle, her full round curves bare to his all-consuming gaze, her dark hair wild and tousled, her full lips pulled in a tentative smile. In her hand she held up a wrap of condom. He gulped in air as he leaned back. Perhaps she was what he needed to forget the nightmare.

Reaching across he pulled her in, crushing her to his chest. He kissed her ferociously, seeking to lose himself in her. He wanted to forget the agony and pain of his childhood. He just wanted the pleasure of here and now. Breaking off the kiss to catch his breath he tore the foil with his teeth and rolled it on. He grabbed Ijay again, lifting her up.

When she wrapped her legs around his waist, he backed her up to the wall and sank into her warm depth. The rage in his veins drove him as he thrust fast and furious into her slick heat. She clung on to his shoulders, his hands holding her hips as he drove into her. As her body coiled with tension, she moaned out his name. He thrust into her a couple more times before joining her in ecstasy.

He shut off the shower and stepped out of the cubicle with Ijay still slumped on his shoulders. Guilt gnawed at his gut. He’d let his anger seep into their passion. Letting her down gently he wrapped her in the bath towel and carried her to the bed. He laid her under the sheets before drying his body. Tossing the towel away, he joined her under the sheet. He spooned her into his body, kissed her brow and drifted back to sleep.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00066]

Here’s the blurb:

Book 2 of the contemporary romance Challenge series, set in Nigeria. Three friends. Three challenges. Are they willing to risk everything for love?

When savvy PR consultant Ijay Amadi meets successful Industrialist Paul Arinze, the only things on her mind are to forget the pain of her failed relationship and enjoy the delights his branding touch and soul-searing kiss promise. It’s a one-time only event. Perfect.

However, Paul is annoyed to wake up and find her gone the next morning. He isn’t ready to forget the dark-haired beauty or their scorching night together just yet. So he plans to have Ijay right where he wants her—in Abuja, working on his latest business project by day and enjoying the pleasure of his bed by night.

Except when Ijay arrives, she’s wearing another man’s engagement ring. With the explosive desire between them threatening their priorities and loyalties, the stakes get higher by the minute. Who’ll be left standing at the altar when Ijay walks down the aisle?

Genres: Contemporary Erotic Romantic Suspense, Interracial

eBook Available at:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes and Noble | All Romance eBook | Kobo | Diesel | WHSmith

Paperback Available at:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes and Noble | Book Depository | Createspace


Are Café Recommended Read

“Engaging contemporary novel. Paul’s character caught my attention because…his is tortured by his past. No woman has tapped into his hidden side until he meets Ijay. The descriptions (of Nigeria) created a visual backdrop that went far in bringing the story to life.”

Everybody Needs A Little Romance – 4.5 Flaming Hearts

This book drew me in right from the beginning.  The story was engaging and it was easy to be vested in the characters. Her characters are engaging because they are interesting and complex. I was pleasantly surprised by a few things in the story and loved the ending; it was a fabulous end that tied everything together. My favorite book by this author so far.

What about you as a reader or writer? What is your opinion?

I hope you will help us with our poll. Select the option that describes your preference.

Kiru loves to interact with readers. You can reach her via her Website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.


20 thoughts on “How not to write a sex scene-Tip #1 by Kiru Taye

  1. That is definitely a great example of how to do a sex scene without getting graphic. Wow. Did you make it a shower scene intentionally? I didn’t notice her hair getting wet. 😉


    1. Hahahaha…I forgot you have a thing with shower sex scenes.
      As you know, Ijay is mixed race so she can get her hair wet as often as she pleases. And before you say it, yes she was put into bed with towel blotted hair. LOL


  2. Dammit, now I have to read An Engagement Challenge. I haven’t even read Book 1 yet, and I always read series in order so that means I have to read A Valentine’s Challenge quickly so I can read this one – Thanks a lot, Kiru! :-p

    Now on to the post. I agree that one needs to not tease. Chancing Faith was supposed to not have a sex scene, but at some point I realised the tension was just too much and I had teased the readers so much that having no love scene would be a disappointment, so I had to create at least one, which I really ended up enjoying.

    – and they made love…LOL… I should use that someday 🙂


    1. I totally agree, Empi. If you include loads of sexual tension, then it makes no sense to shut the door when they finally get down to business. Writers need to follow through on the promise they make.


  3. Teasing readers with a build up of tension is not ideal, but it can be interesting. I like explicit scenes as long as it isn’t constant.

    What I enjoy more is foreplay and romance flowing throughout the story with the explicit scene at the far end.

    The excerpt is great, Kiru. The fast and furious sex scene is lovely.

    All my books have sex scenes except one.


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