Character interview with Tricia from Loitering Shadows by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

Today we have a very special guest, Tricia Adesuwa Idahosa, from multipublished author Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku’s book, Loitering Shadows.

RWoWA: Since our audience can’t see you, please describe your looks (include colour of hair & eyes) and personality?

Tricia:  I have dark skin, coffee brown eyes, long and black hair. Endowed with a calm outlook, I have been described as a naturally shy person. But when I set my eyes on what I want, I go for it, albeit in a discreet way.

RWoWA: You may think me nosy, but I heard a rumor I’d like to clarify. Have you ever cheated on your lover? Who did you cheat with? How did you get tempted? Why do you think you couldn’t resist?

Tricia: Yes, in the past. Only after a nasty heartbreak that left me desperately trying to string my self esteem together.

On the rebound, I lost the zeal to stay faithful. Cheating with other men wasn’t intentional. In my vulnerable state, I found it easy to fall until…

RWoWA:  Tell me you aren’t going to leave us on a cliffhanger like that. Until what?

Tricia: I’ve already told you too much.

RWoWA: You were gracious to answer my question instead of storming off so I’ll let it go. Are you in a relationship or do you have a crush on someone? Describe him to our readers?

Tricia: Admitting I have a crush for a dashing grey-eyed, tan-skinned, wildly charming and perceptive hunk is easy. His presence alone make me feel like I’m seventeen!

I literally drool at his physique and perceptive stare. Which woman wouldn’t want to get her fingers on his bulging biceps and well-carved, finely-toned legs and the evident member between them? Describing him leaves my stomach muscles tightly clenched.

RWoWA: Oh my. Maybe I should have asked you to bring him along so I could ogle, I mean meet him. Is he the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? Do you want to have children?

Tricia: I know we have a connection. From the moment we met, he showed me his sensitive and caring side. With my stomach tingling and my nipples hardening when he’s not even looking my way, I know it will be utter foolishness to deny the attraction.

Of course, l’d like to have children with him. He is rumoured to have a preference for blond women. But it is still early days. We’ll see. He’s really gorgeous!

RWoWA: What do you dislike most in him? Can you live with the flaws?

Tricia: His possessive streak and anger problem are his double barrel weaknesses. He has a hot personality. I mean, flaming hot! What will happen? Time will tell.

RWoWA: He sounds like someone you don’t want to make angry.  Where would your dream vacation be?

Tricia: Any of the Greek Islands. What a stunningly beautiful combination of white sand, blue sky and blue sea. I did get a chance to experience Corfu Island with Prescott before I found out what a jerk he was!

RWoWA: Sounds like a delicious vacation spot. What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?

Tricia: When I got doused with cold water by Prescott’s blond fiancée. I got soaking wet, while she looked like the cat that got the cream. She’s very catty. Didn’t stand a chance.

RWoWA: He’s engaged? It’s too bad we don’t have time for you to tell us what’s going on with that. We’re glad you took the time out of your busy schedule to join us, Tricia.

Tricia: Thank you for having me here.


loitering shadows Book imageBlurb:

Tainted By Betrayal

Nigerian born Tricia Adesuwa Idahosa believes the emotional betrayal she suffered from Greg has shaped her future. When she’s accidentally thrown into British business impresario Prescott Vander-Scott’s path in the UK, she’s not ready for a relationship. But when the blazing tornado of Prescott’s demanding attention sweeps across her busy life, it leaves her struggling for answers.

Will His Persistence Pay Off?

To Prescott, blond women help keep his bed and body warm…until he meets black beauty Marketing Executive, Tricia Idahosa. Can he cope with her intruding past? Will he find a potent cure for her mother’s prejudice against a mixed race affair? Or will he move on to the next eager blond?

A heart-rending, thrilling and emotionally entangling story…you can’t put it down.


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Jerking suddenly, Tricia turned to look at the door and behold, there stood a stunning blond lady. She was coiffed in designer clothes no doubt. She was wearing a thick, brown fur coat.

Where on earth did she come from? Canada or Moscow…?

The blond lady had stunning blue eyes, that were narrowing at Tricia now as she screamed.

‘Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my fiancé’s house?’ she looked at Tricia from head to toe and must have decided she was no match for her. ‘By the way, where is Presky?’ she asked confrontationally.

Tricia remained quiet. So Presky had a fiancée? And he was calling her ‘his baby’, ‘my lady’, and all manner of meaningless names.

Tricia felt her heart aching all over again. She’d known it was too good to be true…to meet a handsome dude that was single and searching. But she’d ignored her gut instincts.





7 thoughts on “Character interview with Tricia from Loitering Shadows by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

  1. Oh Nana! You’re amazing. Thanks so much for making Tricia’s interview sounds so much more exciting. Love it.

    Corfu was a real treat, but is Prescott playing her or does Tricia have over-active senses?

    Thanks for having Tricia here. She enjoyed baring her mind.


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