Lovers and Leavers by Ola Nubi – Character Interview

Ola Nubi was gracious enough to set up an interview with the hero from her work in progress Lovers and Leavers.  I hope you’re as excited as we are about looking learning more about him.

RWoWA: Just so I don’t call you buddy during the whole interview, please tell us your full name.

Lewis Andre Barclays

RWoWA: Ola didn’t let me know anything about you, Lewis. Please tell us a little about yourself.

LAB: I’m tall, dark complexioned with light hazel eyes. I livee in Stoke Newington but  my family originate from Barbados.  I work as the Headteacher of St Andrews High School, Hackney.

RWoWA: It seems all of the people I’ve encountered from Barbados are gorgeous. Okay, so I only know of you and the singer Rhianna, but you’re both stunning. I might have to take a vacation to your little island someday soon.

LAB: *smiling* Thank you.

RWoWA: If you could change one thing what would it be?

LAB: I would change the way children are taught in Barbados. Maybe I’m old school but in the name of technological advancement we are slowly turning our children’s heads to mush. They don’t want to read any more – they want to sit glued in front of their computers, laptops, i-pods and blackberries instead of going off to the library and developing their brains.

I train them to become good conversationalists and read widely. I don’t want them to be ignorant. For goodness sake – there is more in newspapers than page 3 or the sports page.  There were other newspapers than the Ethnic ones.  My father taught me to read up on politics, vote, and lobby your MP if you didn’t like the way they are performing. Go on peaceful strikes instead of burning down Babylon. I’m a HeadTeacher but a secret revolutionary as well….

RWoWA: Wow. Handsome and passionate about the future leaders of his country. I’m glad to hear you’re doing something to help advance the state of our youth instead of just complaining about it. Time to get a little personal. Are you interested in anyone? Romantically that is.

LAB: I have a teeny crush. She walked into my staff room a couple of months ago.  She has skin like smooth warm brown chocolate, eyes like Bambi and legs that go on forever. It was the legs I saw first as she sat drinking coffee. I just thought to myself, “Barclays ….. this girl is hottt!”

RWoWA: I’ll admit that wasn’t the answer I expected. A no would have made me happier. It sounds like you have more than a little crush on her. If we had more time we’d delve deeper into it. We’ll end this interview on a light note. You live on an island of paradise, so I’m curious. Where is your favorite place to vacation?

LAB:Bahamas on the warm white sand watching the sunset, preferably with a beautiful woman by my side. Hopefully the one I just described earlier.

RWoWA: Sounds wonderful and I hope you get the woman you desire. Thanks for taking the time to stop and chat. I look forward to reading more about you in Lovers and Leavers.




13 thoughts on “Lovers and Leavers by Ola Nubi – Character Interview

  1. A teeny crush? I think not!
    Nice interview. I like that you hero is passionate about education. Usually romance heroes are corporate guys and it’s not often that you get a hero in education. Very nice


    1. Thanks Kiru Taye. This is the first story I wrote in Rwowa a looong time ago – it all started with your encouragement – and a classroom, a headmaster and a nervous new teacher on her first day and the journey to this story started. Will posts more excerpts soon. The whole book is finished and will be going to Editor soon.


  2. Yay!!! Here’s to Lewis…and, (ahem- having a totally proud moment here) I have had the honour of reading about Mr Lewis too and I can tell you he’s just as cute and engaging as his interview shows him to be. Way to go, Ola!


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