Character interview from Obsession by Netty Ejike #romance

Today we have a special treat for you.  Shane Vandelier from  Netty Ejike’s novel Obsession has come to chat with us.

RWoWA: Please tell us a little about yourself.

 Shane: I am from Long Beach, California though I live in Miami, Florida. My family members include my mom, Suzanne, and two younger siblings—Ross and Whitney. I am 32 years old, six feet three inches tall, with black hair, midnight blue eyes and a healthy passion for sex.

RWoWA: *Gasp* Didn’t expect that last bit. Since you’ve open the can, we may as well dive in. How many lovers have you had since you became sexually active? And how do you end your relationships?

Shane:  I’ve had about nine lovers since I lost my virginity at twenty. I usually have long term relationships and have ended them amicably, except on one occasion when I called another woman’s name while making love. Awful, isn’t it?

RWoWA: Awful, indeed! But intriguing. Tell us about this other woman you called out her name, and why you did that.

Shane: Well, her name is Lily Lake, my best friend since she was eight and I sixteen. We had a strong platonic relationship so it was funny that I called her name when I was having sex with someone else. It was only much later that I realized I’d been in love with her for ages without knowing it.

RWoWA: Did you get to tell her your true feelings, and was there any plan for marriage later on?

Shane: Yes, she later got to know. It turned out we were attracted to each other, but we couldn’t marry because by then she was already engaged to someone else.

RWoWA: This is getting more dramatic by the minute. Couldn’t you have persuaded her to marry you?

Shane: Soon after we acknowledged our attraction, she had an accident and lost her memory.

RWoWA:  How sad! Please don’t tell us she didn’t remember you.

Shane: She didn’t, for two long years. It was as though I never existed in her life!


The Blurb

Shane Vandelier and Lily Lake, best friends since their youth, had a solid platonic relationship.

But when Lily informed Shane that she was getting married to someone else, her decision set off a chain of feelings and reactions, much like a string of firecrackers, which catalyzed into revealing their hidden sexual attraction.

Now that things had changed between them, would Lily’s accident and subsequent memory loss sever this bond?




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