About RWoWA

Romance Writers of West Africa (RWoWA) is dedicated to the growth of African romantic fiction worldwide.

We are a support group for romance writers of West African origin and/or writers who write romantic fiction set in West Africa.

Founded originally with four members,  Kiru TayeNkem Ivara, Lara Daniels and Myne Whitman on June 17, 2011, RWoWa’s major goal is the growth of romance fiction in West Africa. With the increasing demand for the African romance genre, RWoWA strives to support established and aspiring romance authors who emphasise African plot lines. All sub-categories in romance writing are covered: contemporary, historical, inspirational, paranormal and science fiction. RWoWa provides a platform where members, through networking, may polish and constructively critique works-in-progress, resulting in exceptional romance fiction for our reading audience, which is not only limited to West africa, but reaches out worldwide.

If you are interested in joining our community or have any queries, please email us at romancewritersofwestafrica@gmail.com

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